Male Serious Actor HeadshotRic Henry; Singer, Director, Producer

I love to shoot headshots and modeling photos for an actor/actress’s portfolio. I was an actress for years so that’s especially helpful for parents who are just getting their children into the business and are not sure what the casting agencies are looking for or even what they should wear. I advise them to bring a few changes of clothing and that I’ll help them choose when they are at my studio. I also explain that it’s important for them to wear age appropriate clothing, especially for tweens because so many want to dress years ahead of their age. I also suggest to the parents that they clarify with the agency to find out if they prefer a certain color background so they are not wasting their hard earned money!

As for the adults, I always talk to them and ask what their “type” is and what kind of roles they are auditioning for. I know it’s important not to touch up the photos if they are going for a regular commercial look in their age range. The directors and producers want to see how they really look. In these “digital days” I always make sure to include a full resolution image so the stage actors are able to reprint them to hand in at all auditions. I posted a wide range of photos I’ve taken for San Diego actors and actresses so look for them on stage, tv and in print!