Actor Headshot Serious

When this handsome gentleman came to me for Actor Headshots from Carlsbad, I could immediately see him in an ad or commercial. You know, one of those men who look like the perfect picture of vitality and health with great teeth, full head of hair and wonderful physique and yet they are advertising for some kind of drug they don’t need! None of these photos have been retouched because the acting agency and potential advertisers want to see how he photographs, flaws and all. Not many here; lucky man! Keep watching for this face; I think you may see him in a commercial or an ad sooner than later! These were taken at my studio in Vista, California and these men’s portraits can also be used for Facebook Photos, Linkedin Headshots, or Dating Portraits.


Actor Headshot Outside Casual, Carlsbad, CA

Actor Headshot by BBQ, Carlsbad, CA

Actor Headshot Outdoor Smiling, Carlsbad, CA

Actor Headshot Leaning on Rock, Carlsbad, CA

Actor Headshot Sitting Outside, Carlsbad, CA

Actor Headshot Business Portrait, Carlsbad, CA