Engagement Photos: All Aboard!

Every time I photograph at Old Poway Park, I find some new hidden gem. Whether you want your Engagement Photos just for fun or as a “Save The Date” announcement, you can’t go wrong with Old Poway Park! Engagement Photos are such a happy event and... read more

Shy People….

The title of this blog is the same tile for a fantastic movie starring Barbara Hershey. If you haven’t seen it, you should run out and rent it if you don’t mind a very “tough luck” movie. Jill Clayburgh also stars as a New York journalist who... read more

Disney Darling!

I was so pleased to take these acting headshots of this little girl who had an audition for Disney. Paige was a true delight and a true trooper for these photos. You can throw out all of your notions about mothers who might be pushing their children too young or too... read more

Maternity Photos At Home

Being allowed into a client’s bedroom for a home maternity photoshoot is such an intimate honor. I love the whole feel of it; the romance that goes along with it, the excitement of their expected child, the coziness of their home… What makes it an... read more

Playing Around With Rembrandt Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting is a personal taste. At first glance, it’s really not that difficult. You take one light, preferably a softbox and move it to the side of your subject. Then comes the fun part. Just how much do you want in the shadow of your portrait?... read more

Baby Photography During Family Photos

When families come to me for a “Family Photo” on one of our lovely San Diego beaches, I know that the most important shot I will take will be of their baby. And of course the one above was their favorite, although the family beach photo below is the one... read more

Graduation Photos – In and Out of Gowns!

SDSU had their graduation ceremony May 16th. Yahoo!! I feel honored to have taken the photos of these two wonderful “Seniors”. AJ, majoring in business, and Hiba, on her way to Law School. The female graduation photos were taken at the Turtle Pond at SDSU... read more
Tips For Family Beach Photoshoots!

Tips For Family Beach Photoshoots!

When shooting families on the beach, it’s important to give them a variety of shots. After Mom convinces her grown children to take time out of their busy schedule and to coordinates their wardrobe, my happiest clients are the ones that say “There are so... read more

It’s Senior Graduation Photo Time!

Lauren shined inside and outside with a beauty that would make any employer want to hire her. You can see her SDSU colors in the top photo and although we were photographing by the turtle pond, blurring the background brought focus to her lovely face. I love taking... read more