The Poseidon Restaurant in Del Mar made a lovely backdrop for Vee’s surprise proposal even though it was a cloudy day. There was mist in the air and mist in her eyes when she said “Yes”! The circle of candles was Vee’s idea even though the wind kept blowing them out as my assistant patiently relit them a hundred times or more. We captured their appetizers in the bar beforehand, the romantic walk on the beach and then we were ready for the big moment when they approached the circle.

Having been an actress helped me create a quick story to explain the candles. As they approached, I told them we were taking a photography class and our assignment was to capture candlelight with the sun out. Say WHAT? Well, she bought it anyway. I pretended to introduce myself to Vee as I asked them to pose in the circle for us since they were all dressed up and looked so nice. And the rest…..History in the making! Especially fun was everyone clapping from the patio of the Poseidon. If you would like to book a Hidden Photographer Proposal click here.