Male dating photo on swing

If any of my audience has been internet dating, I’m sure you’ve heard the usual complaints. Even if you are happily married, I’m sure you’ve heard it from your friends. The photos are blurry, all “selfies”, sunglasses covering their “windows to the soul.”  They are old, out of date.  They are too far away. Or it’s obvious they cut out their last girlfriend/boyfriend out of the photo. Ugh!

Hey, if they are all “selfies”, don’t they have any friends? Finding your true love is the most important thing you will ever do, so why don’t people put some time into taking some good photos?

I have to admit, I’ve had two successful marriages from people who have come to me for dating photos. Within a month, they have met the love of their lives. And these are only the ones I’ve heard about. Regardless, everyone tells me they get more calls in two days of posting new photos taken by a professional (me) than they had in the past two months with their old photos. By the way, these are all untouched. We woman (and men) want to see what the person REALLY looks like so there are no surprises.

All right woman, this man is single. Don’t you wish all men made such an effort at how they preset themselves? Don’t you think you should too?


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Male dating photo on steps

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