The most difficult part of writing this blog was what to name it. Do I title it Senior Women Dating Photos? Grandmas Looking For Love? Older Women Dating Photos? Or Mature Women Dating Photos?  None of them seemed just right and suddenly I realized there is such a stigma behind women over 50 dating on the internet. So many of the women worry that the men will all be looking for younger women. So what? If they are, then they are not the right man for her. The most important part is to capture the heart of the woman with just a hint of sexuality. It’s so fun for me to take these photos because I look for just the right shot that brings out their brightest, warmest and real side of these women.

Not all of these photos were taken for dating, by the way, and some are not retouched. My favorite candid shot was the one where the puppy is licking the woman’s face. If it was me, I would sure post that on my dating site along with the clear headshot that shows her best features; that pretty long blonde hair and natural smile!

I leave the retouching up to each individual woman. Some don’t want any touch-up. Others want a lot. I always advise them that about 30% of smoothing out lines is common, especially if they are taken where the lighting is very harsh on their face. I also remind them that they would want the man that they are going to meet to look their age and not like a 10 or 20 year old picture! Say “Hurrah!” or “Good for you” to Women Over 50 Dating Photos!

Mature Woman Dating Photo 3.1Mature Woman Dating Photo 3

Female Casual Outdoor Headshot